Sustainable traveling is connected to giving back to society and to cultural exchange.

When traveling with us, we make space for your curiosity to turn in to cultural exchange which traveling is all about.

That is how you automatically contribute to bringing people, cultures & sports closer together across nations. And cultural exchange and giving back to society can bring sustainable outcome for the people and the nations you visit.

Our aim is to connect the world through basketball travels. because the world needs your good sportsmanship and energy.

When traveling with B-Ball Tours, you have the option of traveling sustainably & GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY

You can give a helping hand to a youth charity organization of your choice. 

Help out in an orphanage, school or at a children’s hospital

Host an event for local kids.

Contribute to a local NGO that represents your values.

Cover your flight emission by supporting a tree planting program, a water project, cooking program for needed communities etc.

There are also other sustainable choices. 

We would be honored to find the right charity/sustainable match for you, if you are interested.