Combine TRAVEL & Basketball

We arrange trips to the whole of Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean & Canada.

Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean & Canada are homes to excellent basketball players, passionate basketball fans, rich history & breathtaking landscapes. Why not become a part of all of it?

The most dominant European basketball countries are:
Spain, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, France & Italy. And there is so much to see, do and explore there.


Being the most dominant basketball country in Europe, Spain offers challenges on all levels. Having no less than 4 participating teams in Euroleague, the Spanish ACB league is the most dominant European domestic league. Kings Cup is a festival of top basketball when the top 8 teams meet up for the cup championship. 
Most notable players are the brothers Pau and Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio and Jose Calderon.

As a team you can expect to play against a typically very guard oriented type of basketball with a high variation in the pick and roll game.

Traveling wise, Spain offers everything from buzzing big city life to nice beaches, unique architecture and a worldclass food & wine scenery.


Greece is one of the European basketball power houses. With a great tradition on the national team level including a win against USA in 2006, Greece is always a guarantee of high level teams and talents.
Panathinaikos and Olympiacos are the two power houses in Greek basketball, both representing the white and blue in Euroleague winning this competition several times. If you want to experience the most intense rivalry in European basketball be sure to go to Athens when these two teams clash.
Greece has had 15 players in the NBA with Giannis Antetokounmpo as the most prominent name.

Greek basketball tradition has a real way of spreading the defense on the pick and roll actions with a number of very creative entries

Sightseeing wise, Greece has some of Europe’s most beautiful islands & beaches. It is also home to one of the world’s oldes histories. Greece is all about laid back Summer vibes.

Latvia & Lithuania

If you want to experience real basketball passion go to Lithuania and Latvia. It is unbelievable what these countries have produced of international talents, considering their country sizes. 19 players in total. Jonas Valanciunas, Kristaps Porzingis, Domantas Sabonis to name a few. Kids are working with professional coaches from a young age creating a very intense style of play. Teams are often limited physically but are on the top of the list when it comes to understanding the game with an endless number of fakes and tricky finishes at the rim.

Internationally, Lithuania has even won Olympic medals and is one of the most successful nations in the European youth competitions. 

Traveling wise, Latvia’s & Lithuania’s beautiful unspoiled wood- and parklands will be a treat for your soul while the 2 capitals: Riga & Vilnius, will give you an insights in medieval times.

Slovenia & Croatia

The former republic of Yugoslavia has perhaps the most dominant basketball tradition in Europe. Many got to know about this in the movie Once Brothers. Today, this region in Europe consists of six countries, where Slovenia and Croatia, sharing borders, are of most interest for travelling basketball teams. The countries might be small but the heart for basketball is bigger than ever. Club teams are on a good level and you can be sure to always get strong games.
The most prominent players are Luka Doncic, Goran Dragic and Bojan Bogdanovic.

These countries are carried by a very strong schooling of the coaches all educated at university. You will often play players with a very high skill level and with focus on very small details in the game when playing.

Sightseeing wise, Slovenia & Croatia are both nature paradises. Sapphire waters, stunning waterfalls, impressive mountains and ancient towns all await you.


France often thrives on a very large multi ethnic population bringing incredible physical talent into the courts. The game is very often played above the rim, and with a strong domestic league topped with Asvel in the Euroleague. The game is very fast paced with a full lineup that is often able to run the floor. Many talents in France stir from the legendary INSEP institute in Paris.
France has has no less than 33 players in the NBA including Tony Parker, Rudy Gobert and Boris Diaw. Be sure to stretch well before lining up against a French team. 

Traveling wise, France will win your heart with its world class gastronomic experiences, rich culture, charming country side and the love city above them all: Paris.


Italy has a long and rich basketball culture. Their programs have dominated European basketball for many years and fostered a number of great players. Today, Italy is headed by Armani Milano in Euroleague. Italian youth development programs often hold a number of international youngerts, mainly African players, with great size. The country has performed very well on the international level having won medals at both Olympics and World Championships. Most notable players are Marco Belinelli, Danilo Gallinari and Andrea Bargnani

Traveling wise, Italy will become a lifelong affair of yours. It has everything for any kind of traveler. It is a destination for the art lover, the food & wine lover, the beach lover, the mountain lover, the big city lover and the history lover.


In Latin America teams will encounter a unique playing style in great and proud basketball nations such as Brazil and Argentina. Those countries have international records that tell a story of a long and proud tradition of player development. Teams might be lucky to even catch national teams that need to sharpen their tools against American competition.
At the same time, Caribbean basketball is on the rise. More and more prospects are being added to college rosters around, as schools are adding athletic and well trained bodies.

On this side of the globe, the sun will most likely shine on you every day. Add a bunch of palm trees, dreamlike beaches and vibrant big cities with interesting culture and you’ll have a diverse trip to talk about for years to come.


Everyone knows about the boom in Canadian basketball, where one talent after the other merges to play on the biggest stage. An athletic and fast playing style. With the birth of the CEBL league there are more options for college teams to catch good competition while travelling the country.

Regardless of which Canadian city you are in, you are never more than a heartbeat away from true wilderness and the great outdoors. Majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and magical forests full of adventure possibilities. Your menu of the day could be hiking, riverrafting, canoeing or simply just enjoying nature calmly.