B-Ball Tours is created by combining our true love for basketball with our deep passion for travels.

Our core value:

Our aim is to connect the world through basketball travels. The world needs your good sportsmanship and energy. So let’s create your dream trip so you can explore amazing destinations of choice while digging basketball games and naturally loading good vibes.
When traveling with us, we make space for your curiosity to turn in to cultural exchange – in your own pace. That is how you automatically contribute to bring people, cultures & sports closer together across nations.

Who we are? 

Together we, the founders Jørgen De Linde Lind & Parastou Booyash, have 30 years of professional experience within basketball & travels. We know the needs of a college team, of the coaches & the fans. And of course the needs of private travelers and veteran players. Just like we know the best places in Europe, what not to miss out on, and how to make the absolute best out of your basketball trip abroad.
– And that is why you can be assured to get a unique basketball tour to talk about for years to come.

Jorgen Lind
Parastou Booyash

Giving back to community

When traveling with B-Ball Tours, you have the option of giving a helping hand to a charity organization of your choice. It could be helping out a few hours in a local club in the country you are visiting, a basketball collaboration or game against local kids, or contributing to a NGO. Or something completely different. The choice is yours.
We would be honored to find the right charity match for you, if you are interested.