EuroLeague is generally considered the second best league on the planet. Witness great battles played in packed arenas with passionate fans. Basketball in Europe is played with passion and you can become a part of this passion. Let’s tailor a multi-venue tour visiting some of the most legendary basketball arenas in Europe. We will put together a trip where you have time for exciting basketball games and for exploring the destinations.
You can combine as many European countries as you have time for. We make sure you don’t miss out on exciting games, breathtaking landscapes, rich history and beautiful beaches.   

Travel alone, with your basketball buddy, your friends, your spouse or whomever you love. And don’t worry if your partner doesn’t enjoy basketball as much as you, we will put together a separate program for her/him. 

We book everything

Don’t worry about the big puzzle of booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, game tickets, restaurant reservations, excursions, transfers etc. We’ve got it all covered for you.
On top of that, we work with professional, local guides who make sure to give you the local feel.
We can combine all the countries you have time for, so you get the most out of your European trip. 

Basketball games

Europe is home to the prestigious EuroLeague and a number of high level domestic leagues that are played across the continent. EuroLeague is generally considered the second best league on the planet. We can combine a trip showing you a number of EuroLeague games and domestic league games in great basketball countries such as Spain, Greece, France, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Be in the stands when El Classico is played. When the powerhouses FC Barcelona take on Real Madrid or be present when playoffs come around in EuroLeague. 

Theme packages

Whether you are into golf sessions, spa indulgence, bike trips or gastronomic restaurant experiences, we can arrange it for you. You can choose any theme package, special requests or add-on you desire. This way you are sure you explore as much as Europe as possible.

European basketball

European basketball is divided into several leagues of which EuroLeauge, EuroCup & FIBA EuroCup are the biggest ones. Expect to see exciting games in action with solid players you might later see in the NBA…

There are some differences between NBA, Colleague Conferences and European leagues. The European teams don’t only play in the European Leagues. They also play in their respective domestic leagues in their contries.

Fans in Europe are generally very passionate about their teams, making sure that the away team knows who has home court advantage. But halftime entertainment is not as action packed as in the US.